Apr 10, 22 Meeting Minutes

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Spring Membership Meeting Minutes
April 10, 2022

  1. The meeting began at approximately 4:15pm. The following members were present:

Maryanne Dunfey (President) Michael Simoneau (Vice President)
Leo Rossignol (Treasurer) Dawn Canales (Secretary)
Rob Adair Jeremiah Beach
Julie Beach Amy Brown
Scott Brown Richard Covill
Tom Gill Marc Saucier
Dianalyn Sirota Scott Sirota
Mike Steward Leslie Stryker
Tony Tulip Anita Wright
Scot Wright Greg Grinell
Sara Holtby Jeff Lathrop
Jean Lee Scott Lee
Christopher Marvelli Kenneth Parham
Mike Morin David Girard
Chris Hughes Frank Lane
Gary Baker Kate Soule
Alex Brown Al Hospers
Michael Humphries Paula Brown
Dave Greenslit Bodie Bowers
Amanda Rice Martha Leich (Zoom)

  1. The Secretary requested the minutes from Nov 21, 2021 be considered for approval. A motion was made and seconded to approve. ACTION ITEM/CLOSED
  2. The Treasurer provided the following report:
  1. Dawn Canales provided an update on the WMBC and NEMBA agreement that was discussed at last meeting. Two items required in the formal agreement were completed– a reimbursement of $6,529.68 to WMNEMBA was received and an article was placed in the Conway Daily Sun announcing the intent of the two groups to work together. As a result, an initial discussion between the WMNEMBA President and a WMBC Advisor took place to discuss a possible collaboration on a skills park project that may happen in 2023 pending landowner approval. A subsequent discussion ensued about the existing pump track (base of the Knot trail) that was damaged as part of a logging operation. Discussion centered around rebuilding the current pump track or maybe relocating it to an area that has more accessible parking. Jeff Lathrop indicated it may not take a lot of effort to rebuild the existing pump track. ACTION ITEM/OPEN/PRESIDENT
    a. High School Loop – Currently the loop includes a part of forest road on High St. In order to make riding the loop safer, there are plans to add a new piece of the trail that will parallel the forest road. This work would not be ready to start this year as the Forest Service will need to re-complete an environmental impact review before the project can be approved. If approved, it’s anticipated that the project will start in 2023.

b. Pillar to Pond Trail – Bridges need work as they are about 15 years old. A NEMBA grant will be submitted for $500. The award is scheduled to be announced 30 Apr 22.

c. Connection from Marshalls Conservation to Electric Loop – This has been an uphill battle for years. There are landowner obstacles and that may never be resolved. Also, discussed issues with parking for Electric Loop and Ultimate Single Track as being an issue too. More discussion is needed to determine if additional parking and connecting the two trail systems is remotely feasible.

d. Mineral Site Trail – There is a challenging section of the trail that requires some minor work. Discussed fixing berms and putting in gravel over some roots.

e. Pine Hill – Rob Adair reported the property was closed upon but in order to build any trails, funds will need to be raised. A $10K Signature Grant from NEMBA was submitted and a determination of awards should be out sometime in mid April. Matt Coughlin has plans for two new trails. Also, discussed potentially extending the HS Race Loop and enlisting some of the KHS MTB Team to assist along with Summit Achievement students and their school leader.

f. Dundee Forest – Jeff Lathrop reported that the property is not yet closed on and once this occurs the community will provide input on use. We should stay up-to-date on the plans for future potential of MTB trails that NEMBA could oversee.

  1. Trail Adopters Program – Dawn Canales discussed the benefits of the program in that there is a structured way to tackle all the routine maintenance needs. Basically, members can sign up to take ownership of routine maintenance that is needed throughout the year. Adopters work on their own schedule and report hours at Trail Adopters Sign Up. Alec Brown from Sun and Ski recommended that it would be good for business owners to get involved with trail work. It was noted that not many people have signed up and more discussion is needed as the process may be too cumbersome. ACTION ITEM/OPEN/VP
  2. Officer Elections – A motion was made to conduct a vote for the following nominees:
    Jeremiah Beach – President
    Mike Steward – Vice President
    Julie Beach – Treasurer
    Dawn Canales – Secretary
    A single vote was conducted, a show of hands showed all in favor of the nominees, and the motion was seconded. ACTION ITEM/CLOSED
  3. Winter Grooming – A thank you to Dave Hubelbank was expressed for all his work grooming trails at the Marshall Conservation area trail system. It was a lot of work and it’s really a four-person job. Also, would like to plan to do grooming for winter biking on the East Side next year. If anyone is interested in helping, please sign up after meeting. ACTION ITEM/OPEN/PRESIDENT
  4. Map and Kiosks –Greg DiSantos is currently making more updates to the map based on some trail reroutes and renaming. Maps should be completed in the next few weeks. A kiosk at Joes Alibi, Electric Loop and Ultimate Single Track, Marshalls, and East Side Trails was recommended. Also, to place maps at bike shops to assist customers in finding places to ride. ACTION ITEM/OPEN/PRESIDENT
  5. Dawn Canales proposed reinstating three committees that were previously used by the Chapter. Those were Trails, Community and Advocacy, and Landowner Relations. Rob Adair set these committees up and gave a brief overview of their purpose. The new president was interested in exploring. Anyone interested in serving on any of the committees can sign up after the meeting. ACTION ITEM/OPEN/PRESIDENT
  6. Group Rides – We discussed needing to get some rides together. Gorham Bike and Ski would like to lead Monday rides starting at the Pudding Pond trail. Stan and Dan’s have led rides in the past and other bike shops are interested. Also, Jean Lee is interested in leading a Women’s ride. ACTION ITEM/OPEN/PRESIDENT
  7. Dawn Canales announced the article for the next NEMBA Singletracks is due on the 15th of June. Members are welcome to write an article about our trails systems. ACTION ITEM/OPEN/DAWN CANALES
  8. There was a discussion as to the process of placing QR code at certain trail heads to receive donations via pay pal. This will need to be investigated. ACTION ITEM/OPEN/VP and TREASURER
  9. Maryanne Dunfey relayed that the Victory Hill Trails in VT (privately owned) has trail workdays periodically. It’s a nice place to ride and perhaps join in on some trail work sometime. INFO
  10. Amanda Rice, the Events Coordinator for NEMBA relayed that NEMBAfest is in full swing for Aug 5 -7, 2022 in Carrabassett Valley, ME. Registration is open and it should be an excellent time with all kinds of vendors, food, group rides, music, and libations. Also, Flow2Fest https://www.nembafest.com/flow2fest is occurring before the main event. There are several locations with different events across VT, NH and ending at the NEMBAfest. INFO
  11. Jean Lee announced that the Wilderness First Aid training planned for the summer has been cancelled; however, if anyone is interested, please contact her at jeantheac@gmail.com. Also, she reminded everyone to be as prepared as possible for an emergency when riding.
  12. Rob Adair advised that the construction of the new Recreation Path is underway. It starts at the Hemlock Trailhead and ends at Cranmore. Completion should be done this year.
  13. Tony Tulip advised that the Kearsarge Brook Trail from Thompson Parking Lot to Cranmore has been cleaned up after a forestry operation and is ridable.
  14. Jeff Lathrop indicated GPS coordinates are needed at trail kiosks for potential emergencies. Another member reminded everyone to let others know where they are going when riding alone. ACTION ITEM/OPEN/PRESIDENT
  15. Our new WMNEMBA President, Jeremiah Beach relayed his philosophy about the direction of our Chapter starting with a defining the vision, exploring funding opportunities, growing the club, setting up partnerships with bike shops with no exclusivity, and making biking in the valley a destination. INFO
  16. Jean Lee made a presentation to the outgoing President MaryAnne Dunfey. A sincere appreciation was expressed for all her efforts and dedication during the past year of service. A basket of Maryanne’s favorite libations was presented along with a collection of thank you cards from the membership. ACTION ITEM/CLOSED
  17. The meeting adjourned at 5:40 pm. Donated pizza from Matty B’s was provided. Next meeting time and place is to be determined.

Dawn Canales

WMNEMBA Secretary

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